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How Grateful are you?

Can you be consciously grateful for 100 days in a row? Apparently 71% of all participants in the 100happydays challenge have so far failed – stating ‘lack of time’ as their main obstacle. But how many of them managed to visit facebook that day, or scroll through twitter aimlessly? Switch on the TV after work and watch their latest download in bed with their iPad?

The challenge is to find one thing every day (for 100 days) that makes you happy. It might be the smell of fresh coffee on a sleepy morning or the affections of a pet, perhaps finding a bargain in the latest sale or a smile from a stranger in the street. You simply acknowledge what it is and make a note of it. You can use a regular notepad, take pictures with a camera or most popularly, record it via social media.

The exercise isn’t to show off and try to make others jealous, but to encourage us to be aware of the simple things in life that bring happiness and joy every day – if acknowledged. It is reassessing our priorities and realising that being grateful makes us feel good. The more we look for these things, the more we see them and in return, we become healthier, more grounded individuals.

There are always good things, no matter how hard you have to look for them some days. I did the 100happydays challenge and there were dark days when I thought it would be impossible to find something, but trust me, no matter how small or simple you do eventually. In fact I enjoyed the challenge so much, I decided to continue well after the 100 days were up.

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