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The Pros and Cons of Technology

Computers and smartphones have revolutionised the way we live, allowing 24/7 access to emails, social media and a world of endless information. We’re better connected and more efficient than ever before but without realising it, we are also suffering from dependency, social isolation and neglecting our mental health.

I started writing Technotox to raise awareness of the control modern technology has on each of our lives. To encourage a more mindful and disciplined approach to our time spent online, and to offer tips for a happier and healthier offline life, with more meaning and fulfilment.

The Advantages of Technology

  1. Medical advancement and discovery
  2. A world of information at our fingertips allows easy learning and knowledge building
  3. Improved communication
  4. Better connected – allows us to keep in touch with friends and family wherever we are
  5. Improved productivity
  6. More cost efficient 

The Disadvantages of Technology

  1. Dependency and addiction. More time online means less time for personal development, exploration and creativity. We are becoming less in tune with our instincts and inner voice
  2. Decreased creativity now that everything from calculations to drawings can be done online
  3. Less value in human relationships. A lot of time spent online results in neglect in real life and increased ignorance to the importance of human relationships and interactions
  4. Increased loneliness and depression caused by social isolation
  5. Job losses as machines replace human workers
  6. Technology related diseases through RSI, radiation and stress

Can you think of any others?




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