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The Mindfulness Revolution

No doubt you’ve heard the word Mindfulness being thrown around a lot recently, it’s the Number One wellbeing buzzword and everyone from Ruby Wax to Goldie Hawn is singing its praises. But what is Mindfulness and why is it so beneficial?

In essence, Mindfulness is purposefully paying attention and being aware in the present moment. Intentionally observing (but not clinging onto) your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

This can be experienced at any moment, in any situation, but is best practised in a quiet room without distractions. Meditation is a great way to begin learning the Art of Mindfulness, just 10 minutes every day (preferably at the same time each morning) can make a big difference.

What does Mindfulness actually do?

  1. Mindfulness improves focus and levels of concentration. Two incredibly important skills in this information age when we’re continually bombarded with enormous amounts of information and endless digital distractions.
  2. Mindfulness provides clarity of thought. In essence, once you slow down your mind and begin to understand the landscape of your thoughts and feelings in more detail, you can start to unpick various elements and become less lost and tangled up in them.
  3. Mindfulness teaches us to respond not react. Through a better understanding of our reactions, we can begin to take control of them and start to respond to situations and difficulties with more elegance and acceptance.
  4. Mindfulness is a good form of relaxation that provides a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Particularly important in highly stressed times. Through self-regulation, acceptance and awareness we become happier individuals, better equipped to love both ourselves and others.

For me, mindfulness is particularly important in this digital age. We’re experiencing an information revolution and technology is playing a huge part in our daily lives. The downside is that social media, smartphones and the internet can be addictive and the vast amount of information we receive, incredibly overwhelming. Too much time spent online can leave us feeling lost and out of touch with our true selves.

Through mindfulness we can become more aware and selective of the time we spend online. Ensuring it is focused and beneficial, and nurtures rather than neglects our mental health.

If you have any question on mindfulness please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll shortly be announcing a series of mindfulness workshops, so if you would like further information about these please also get in touch via lucy@technotox.com.

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