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5 reasons you should switch off your phone and spend some time alone


There’s a very unique comfort in solitude. Yet for many, the idea of being alone can be frightening or even freakish. We live in an information age where we’re barely given the opportunity to think for ourselves, constantly connected and influenced by endless streams of media and technology. If we’re not with people at work, out socialising or traveling the world, we’re encouraged to keep in touch via text messages, whatsapp and emails and engage with them through social media.

Although we hate to admit it, there’s a tendency to judge others and even ourselves by how popular we are, how many likes a picture gets on Instagram, how many comments on Facebook or how many followers we have on Twitter. It’s a form of reassurance, that we’re doing okay and we’re getting it right. One would certainly be forgiven for thinking socialising equals happiness when our feeds are full of friends out partying and having a great time.

What few of us realise however, is the importance of spending time alone. Taking quality time really getting to know ourselves and our inner landscapes. Finding comfort in who we are, not everyone else.

Whether through meditation, a hobby or simply switching off your phone to enjoy a relaxing evening with a bath and book, here are 5 great reasons you should find time to be alone this weekend –

  1. Time for reflection allows us to regain contact with ourselves. Time to understand ourselves better, who we are, what we value and what sort of life we want to lead. In turn this allows us to make relevant changes and lead a life with purpose and meaning.
  2. De-stress away from technology. Developments in technology have revolutionised the way we live – for better and for worse. By switching off your phone you’re saying no to the endless stream of dialogue. Rejecting its draining and distracting influence and learning to relax away from it all.
  3. Watch your creativity flourish. Moments of silence enhance the things we love, so unsurprisingly time alone can bring out our creative streaks. Try cooking, drawing a picture or writing a song.
  4. Experience zero pressure. By taking yourself offline and away from your peers for a short time, you’re allowing yourself to just be you. Away from any expectations or societal pressures. You don’t have to confirm or seek approval. You can just be you and be happy with that.
  5. Quiet time can help clarify confusion and sort through problems. If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed when facing problems, the best thing you can do is seek solitude. Allow the mind to settle, the soul to speak and experience the clarity that time-honoured thinking allows.


  1. piratesnation412 says

    Having reflective time to yourself can be a tremendous way of riding yourself of stress. As a blogger, I like to take a few minutes each day to sit in silence to collect my thoughts for new ideas. Even having the TV on will prevent me from creating quality content for my posts. Wonderful article!

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