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The Rise of Spirituality

People often confuse Spirituality with Religious belief or worse, ‘that wishy washy hippy stuff‘. But in truth, anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves, or strives to live a life with meaning and purpose, is Spiritual. Or for that matter, anyone who has a connection to a higher sense of self –  and believes there is more to living, than just our own subjective existence.

Spirituality relates to the soul and is not a tangible or measurable physical matter. It is the connection of the mind and emotions to the spirit and something greater than ourselves.

Through reflection and realignment, to be spiritual is to refine who you are. To understand your personal values – what you find most important in life and what motivates you – and to live the most meaningful life, in line with those values. As more and more of us find our social conscience and strive to look for meaning and purpose, in the vast options available to us, we’re turning to our Spiritual selves to find the answers.

What are your top ten values?


When important decisions reflect our life values, life becomes more fulfilling and day-to-day tasks can feel effortless. We are more satisfied within ourselves and happier, because we are living a life with purpose, aligned with our intrinsic values.

Why not take 10 minutes this week to get to grips with your most important values?  You can use the list above or find a more extensive list online. Then spend some time reflecting on your life and think about what changes you can make to align with your top values.


  1. Ennis says

    Food for thought here. Really interesting. Think from that list my top 10 values would have to be:


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  2. Ennis says

    But how do you even measure such things as Energy, Motivation and Meaning? How would you know if the day really was aligned with your values, or if you subconsciously adjust your values to consequentially force a false alignment?


    • You don’t measure them, you feel them! You listen for the resonance and follow it. If there’s false alignment you won’t feel the resonance, because, well it’s false!


      • Ennis says

        What does the resonance sound like? How will I know I’m following the right sounds? This is all very eye opening. Let me meditate on it for a time.


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