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25 ways to Unplug

The weekend provides an ideal opportunity to put our digital devices down and reconnect with this wondrous world around us! Not to mention ourselves and each other. But wonder what on earth you would do without them?

If inspiration’s lacking, we’ve come up with 25 ways you can entertain yourself offline:

  1. Wrap up warm and go for a fresh Spring walk leaving your phone locked at home
  2. Finally pick up the forgotten cookery book found in your Christmas stocking, choose a recipe and whip up a delicious meal
  3. Hang out with friends – go for coffee, wander markets, make each other laugh
  4. Sit and write postcards, letters and cards for friends, buy stamps and post them – there’s nothing quite like receiving hand written mail!
  5. Invite friends over and play a game of cards or a board game round the kitchen table
  6. Spend some time with your pet – bath it, play with it, pet it
  7. Pick up a diary and write about your experience, including noting 3 positive things about being unplugged
  8. Take a hot bath with candles
  9. Discover the hidden magic of your local library
  10. Visit a free museum in your city, there are plenty to choose from (stuck without google to search for where? Then why not visit the local tourist information office instead!)
  11. Go for a manicure or pedicure, better still, give yourself one!
  12. We all have one, now’s the time to start reading that book you’ve always wanted to read!
  13. Go for a massage or give your partner one
  14. Get creative and make something – a card for a friend’s birthday or a Father’s Day gift!
  15. Grab your mates, get creative with a team name and sign up for a pub quiz
  16. Try a mindfulness meditation to improve your focus, concentration and productivity
  17. Try out a new fitness class – Zuma, Bikram, British Military Fitness or Aerial Yoga
  18. Book tickets for a theatre production – you can often find good ‘day rate’ deals if you’re booking on the same day
  19. Take the time and patience to sit and do a puzzle
  20. Invest a few hours in your favourite forgotten hobby – or if you don’t have one, start something new!
  21. Jump on a random bus and see where it takes you
  22. Go to a lovely old pub and start a conversation with someone you don’t know
  23. Take lots of long lazy naps and really switch off
  24. Sign up for a dance class and lose yourself in the rhythm of the music


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