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How Smooth is your Wheel of Life?

There’s a very useful coaching tool called the Wheel of Life, used to take a snap shot of our lives at any given moment and help us assess the areas that need improvement. Completing the wheel allows time for reflection; for us to pause and take stock of the areas that use up most of our time and energy.

These areas include Money, Career, Friends and Family, Significant Other, Fun and Recreation, Health, Physical Environment and Personal Development.

To complete the wheel you must give each area a mark out of 10 for how satisfied you are with them currently – the centre represents 0 and the outer perimeter a 10.
You then draw a line or curve at that point to create a new outer edge.


Looking at your completed wheel, what do you notice?

How balanced is the Wheel?

How smooth or bumpy is the ride?

Which mark would you like to be giving in 6 months time?

What are some steps you could take to reach those goals?





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