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12 Ways to Nourish Yourself

A reoccurring theme I hear throughout my coaching sessions, is an ongoing struggle with nourishment and clients who just don’t know how to nourish themselves.

Some clients see it as an indulgence, some don’t even know what it means or where to start. More often than not, it’s the first thing to fall by the wayside when we’re busy or feeling stressed out. Instead we opt for the easy, go-to solutions of comfort food, alcohol, switching off for hours in front of the tv, withdrawing from social engagements and the killer, procrastination.

So in an effort to help you reduce your stress levels, boost your happiness and improve self-esteem, here are my top 12 ways to nourish yourself. Aim for at least one a day:

  1. Switch off all technology (and I mean completely switch it off, don’t just put it on silent!) for an hour
  2. Put your comfies on, snuggle up and read a book you love
  3. Meditate
  4. Do a pilates or yoga class (there are plenty of great ones on YouTube – a very mindful way to use technology btw!)
  5. Light some candles, lie down and think about loving yourself (not in an egocentric way, but a warm, compassionate way – the way you would love a family member)
  6. Journal your thoughts
  7. Cook and eat nourishing, homemade food
  8. Put your favourite album on
  9. Drink lots of green and herbal teas – especially comforting is chamomile and honey
  10. Call an old friend for a chat
  11. Take a power nap, there’s nothing like sleep to rejuvenate the soul
  12. Go outside and walk in nature


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