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10 Ways to Outsmart your Smartphone

  1. Keep your phone on charge away from your bed
    It’s so tempting to check emails just that one last time before bed, or thumb straight for social media apps as soon as you’ve turned off your alarm. So put a stop to these unhealthy autopilot habits by charging your phone away from your bedside.
  2. Buy an alarm clock
    Yep you heard right, a battery operated alarm clock! Stave off the temptation to check emails first thing in the morning, by keeping them out of reach and don’t rely on them to wake you up!
  3. Erase social media apps
    You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can break the habit of automatically flicking through all your social media apps every time you pick up your phone.
  4. Remove multiple email accounts
    Our bosses might be livid, but surely you aren’t paid enough to be on call 24 hours a day? To be answering emails at 10pm or on the tube into work? Respect your sanity (and savour your free time) by deleting any possible email accounts from your phone now. Go on be ruthless!
  5. Check emails at set times throughout the day
    Research shows that checking emails at set times through the day (e.g. first thing in the morning, just after lunch and an hour before the end of the day) can help reduce stress levels. This is because awareness of an ever-growing inbox can create overwhelm and affect our concentration. Making it impossible to focus solely on the email we’re writing in that very moment. Not checking our inbox every time we see new mail arrive, removes this stress and helps us stay focused.
  6. Learn to screen emails 
    Most emails are useless marketing driven messages anyway, so learn to prioritise and delete emails quickly and efficiently. Swipe, swipe, swipe!
  7. Think before you CC!
    There’s nothing worse than being included in unnecessary email chains, so think before you cc an endless list of colleagues and be considerate of their email stress!
  8. Don’t forget to call
    The luxury of emails, whatsapp and text messages means we often forget to use our phones to actually speak to people directly. It can even feel a little daunting when we haven’t done it for a while.
    Don’t let yourself lose the art of conversation by picking up the phone once in a while and connect voice to voice.
  9. Do not Disturb
    Don’t forget about the Do Not Disturb function your phone (Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled), in fact why not schedule an hour or two a day two be alone and catch up with yourself?
  10. Add our “Put Your Phone Down” wallpaper to your home screen! 

Put Your Phone Down

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