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Ecophilia – a Sprinkle of Wellbeing Magic

Ecophilia is the suggestion that humans possess an innate tendency, in fact an innate desire to connect with nature. Perhaps the result of millions of years of evolution in a natural environment, long before the industrial revolution and urbanisation took hold.

Apparently spending time in nature, surrounding ourselves with all things green and mother earth (think hugging trees and running barefoot in fields of Barley) makes us feel complete, happy and satisfied. In fact, just ten minutes in nature can reduce stress, boost our mental health and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. And occasionally make us snotty and irritable during hayfever season!

So if you’re feeling inspired and want to take full advantage of this glorious weather, grab those antihistamines and read our top 10 ways to spend more time outdoors and boost your mental health and wellbeing;

  1. Visit your local city farm 
  2. Buy a new plant and keep a photo diary each week as you care for it and watch it grow 
  3. Grow plants on your windowsill – a pleasure for you and passers by! 
  4. Collect leaves, feathers, bark and fauna and create a natural art project with your kids 
  5. Learn about the natural cycles of the year
  6. Go fruit picking in the countryside
  7. Apply for an allotment and find someone to share it with 
  8. Try growing some vegetables amongst your garden plants 
  9. Go for a run in your local park or take your yoga mat and do some yoga/meditation under the shade of a big tree
  10. Build an animal habitat in your garden – a birdbox, hedgehog house or even a pond if you have space


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