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I’m Lucy, the author of Technotox. Welcome and thanks for visiting.

We live in a complex digital world surrounded by technology 24/7, permanently switched on, tuned in and apparently touching our smartphones on average 2000 times a day (busy little thumbs!). It’s hard to admit, but technology is affecting so many areas of our lives from our sleep and productivity, to our health and wellbeing, relationships and happiness. Social isolation and loneliness levels are now on a par with early death through cause of smoking and obesity. Sadly, we’re more stressed out, depressed and ironically, less connected than ever before. And we’re struggling to find new ways to cope.

That’s where Technotox steps in! A wellness centre for the mind, I created Technotox to share tips and techniques to encourage a healthier relationship with our digital devices and support your emotional and mental wellbeing. I’ve studied Positive Psychology and Resilience at the University of Pennsylvania and City Lit. I’ve also been teaching mindfulness and meditation for over five years (clients include Google Campus, Mastercard, Crossrail, Lights of Soho, WeWork and Berkeley Homes), I’m an Executive Coach, keynote speaker and the Co-founder of Elevate – an employee wellbeing company.

I use all of my experience and expertise to try and create short, practical posts to help boost your energy, feel more connected with yourself and others and ultimately increase your satisfaction with life. The tips and tools include the latest positive psychology interventions, mindfulness exercises and coaching methods, which I hope will leave you better equipped to love and thrive in this complex digital age.

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Thanks and feel free to connect with me anytime!

Lucy x

Twitter: @lucyfaulks
Instagram: @mrslucybarnard

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