In a world where we’re surrounded by technology 24/7, permanently switched on, tuned in and distracted every five seconds, Technotox is dedicated to understanding the impact Technology is having on our mental health and wellness.

Technology is affecting our sleep, concentration, health, relationships and happiness. Social isolation and loneliness levels are now on a par with early death through cause of smoking and obesity. We’re more stressed out, depressed and ironically, less connected than ever before. And we’re struggling to find new ways to cope.

A wellness centre for the mind, Technotox provides ideas and inspiration to help you switch off to the noisy distraction of modern technology and realise the power of human connection and intimacy. Our tips and tools include positive psychology interventions, mindfulness exercises and coaching methods, which we hope will help you create a healthier tech-life balance and leave you better equipped to love and thrive in this complex digital age.

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