Mindfulness Meditations

Ready to join the Mindfulness Revolution?

Meditation improves focus, reduces stress and increases self-awareness and acceptance. We’ve created a selection of videos to help kick-start your journey.

The first is 10 minute exercise to help focus your attention solely on the breath. Something which can feel impossible to begin with!

Now you can try this 5 minute Mindfulness Meditation. Start with 5 minutes every day for a week and see how you get on.

Ready to try a Body Scan?
In this digital age, our worlds are built around many activites of the mind – planning, comparing, obsessing, remembering, analysing, judging – so it’s no coincidence that as a society, we’ve become increasingly divorced from our bodies. Unable to tap into their wisdom and deaf to the signals they send us. Most of us walk around like digital clouds on sticks, rather than fully embodied human beings. One of the many benefits of a regular body scan is becoming more in-tune with our bodies. By doing this we can learn to spot our stress signals early on, then choose how we respond to them. We can try to counterbalance stress before it causes us any longer term issues, like high blood pressure, heart disease, depression or anxiety.


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